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Are Americans Ready for Sixteen Years of Democrats?

Sunday, March 9, 2008 9:01 pm Leave a comment Go to comments

The rest of the world is. This last weekend I interviewed my neighbour, whose political views are informed and well thought out. My neighbour is a Canadian Vietnam veteran. He served as a volunteer for the Americans some 40 years ago. For most of his life he has leaned to the right but recently and because of what he sees as the Republican party character and mistakes of the current and past administrations, leans more and more left of centre in recent years. In my interview, he looks critically at the Democratic presidential nomination race and what it would mean for America and the world if the Democrats win the presidential race in November. If you’re an American and haven’t made up your mind, then Mike’s thoughts will hopefully help you make that decision. It might motivate you to respond or do your own further research on the matter to make the best informed decision you can. Enjoy the interview and find out who Mike would be voting for in November if he were an American and why.

Some of the ambient hiss you’ll hear is his refrigerator and furnace and oh, yes: In the background you will hear enthusiastic shouts and laughter of his family and Special K playing with the WII.

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 132

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