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Lesbians are So Resourceful – Aren’t We?

Thursday, April 17, 2008 10:56 pm Leave a comment Go to comments

The Stylish Lesbian\'s Stapler

We broke the plastic bag holder. It’s not the one with the tartan pattern. I gave that one to Charlie. She really wanted it even though so did I. The tartan one was a gift and I liked it better the one we already had. She didn’t want the canvas one Special K and I brought for ourselves in Sydney, Australia a few years ago when we went to the gay games. So I gave her the tartan patterned one. Now the canvas one from Australia broke. Well it didn’t break and so that all the bags came out. The rope holding it up on the hook in the bathroom tore away from the bag. I yanked it off the hook actually and it fell to the ground like a dead weight. Well not a dead weight. A dead weight doesn’t roll. A soft dead weight that rolled. “Oops – shit”, I said. Now we’ve got a plastic bag holder that we can’t pull the bags out of because we can’t hang it up. So I took it to Special K. “Can we put it back together?” She turned it this way and that. She examined it. She examined the rope. “I think what’s really happened is that I tore the hem that may have been holding the rope in.” She continued to contemplate the condition of the bag and how to repair it. To be honest with you I walked away soon after I lost interest in her forensic exercise. Special K does not give up easily. I checked in on her progress a few hours later. “This rope was stitched into the top of the bag,” She announced. “What do we do?” I asked. “Help me. We’ll staple it.” She brought out her mini-stapler. “Wait,” I responded enthusiastically, “I have an office stapler. That’s more heavy duty. Let’s use that.” I stapled and she held the rope in place. “Was there any other option?” I wondered aloud to her. “Well we could have sown it.” “Hmmm. Nah. Lesbians don’t sew. What are you talking about? We had no other option.” Didn’t we?

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