Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 138 – Roman Catholicism : Judaism 2.0

Today Ninja gives you part two of the Geek Gathering. We folks know how to live in the moment. Katherine talks about the tedium of editing. Scarborough Dude takes photos of us, continues to swear and Ninja is pretty sure she hears him talking about wife swapping at one point. Talk turns to the meaning of religion and its sense of community celebration and sharing. It occurs to the group that perhaps the flood described in biblical times may actually have happened. We conclude that all religions are basically the same. But first there’s a comment about the last show from Kentie of the flatus and his co-host that venerable old man Jose, and a couple of notes from Rob commenting on and correcting some of my assertions. Thanks Rob and Ken.


Zeitgeist the Movie

The Vatican

The Daily Breakfast

Cardinal Ambrozic

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Search Engine


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