Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 147 – Can Art Teach Patience?


S-Curve by Anish Kapoor

There are lessons that Anish Kapoor’s art have to teach us.  “His pieces force you to be really patient…”, said one visitor assistant at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. You can’t just breeze through his exhibit to get a taste of his work.  You have to wait for his work to affect its magic on you.  Optical and aural illusions surprise and delight the gallery visitors to this show.  Join Ninja and Special K as they try to  help you experience the pieces through their own descriptions and from the gallery volunteers and other visitors.  

Links: See the slideshowThe ICA, Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston Mass. 
The Flatus Show


Inwendig Volle Figur by Anish Kapoor
Past Present Future – Anish Kapoor

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