Mr. Scary Corn Nuts


People! Social skills?

On Friday night Special K and I went to see a film and were amazed to be sitting beside a rather largeish fellow who pulled out a deli tub of corn nuts before the movie started and began to eat them. He dug his hand into the tub, scooping out handfuls of nuts, repeatedly.  Using his fist as a funnel, he closed his eyes and poured the nuts into his upturned corn-nut hole.  This prelude was followed by fierce crunching noises as he chewed while the rest of the us around him looked on in a mixture of amusement, fascination, horror and derision.

Do you have any idea how a corn nut crunch sounds in a darkened quiet theatre?  He proceeded to eat the entire tub without regard for any of the other members of the audience.  Several people moved away in disgust, others were looking back at him or over at him and yet, the fellow remained oblivious. When he finally finished The Tub, Special K said, “Thank god it’s over”. “Oh it’s not over. Not by a long shot. I think that bag there with him is full of food.”  I don’t know if he got the message, but he was fairly silent throughout the film except that he shifted around noisily and pulled out several plastic bottles of water.  One by one,  he held these above his head to pour down his throat.

I think these people believe it is actually ok to behave in public as though they are alone in their living rooms.

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