Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 176 – Star Gazing at the Toronto International Film Fest


Special K and I head to downtown Toronto to star gaze during the Toronto International Film Festival.   We actually see Juliette Lewis, Marcia Gay Harden and Richard Kind.   But we have to wait a long time during which I muse about mango shakes at The Green Fusion. We then head over to an upscale nik-nak store called Teatro Verde where I read randomly from the books on display and check out the scary, spooky halloween stuff like eerie origami.   Finally we go to Starbucks and meet fake stars that people insist on taking pictures of.  Who are all the men in black suits?

Custom Motorcycle (Photo By Ninja)

Custom Motorcycle (Photo By Ninja)

Other famous people mentioned:  Jodie Foster, Laura Dern, Steve Lawrence, Donald Sutherland.  Other important links:  6 Billion Others Project, Eleven Thousand Things to be Miserable About.

Listen here at:


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