Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 186 – Eyafjallajökull – Iceland Episode 2

Eyafjallajokll and Northern Lights by Gunnar Blondal

Eyafjallajokll and Northern Lights (Photo copyright Gunnar Blondal)

It’s ok.  You don’t have to try to say to the name of the Volcano that crippled air travel in the spring: Eya fak ylla yo kuth.   Even if you try it that way – it won’t work unless you are Icelandic – so there.   But even so I’ve provided a lesson or two in this show.  Then, join Special K and I at a lovely Reyjkavik cafe while we  soak in what little sun comes out that day.

Listen to the show at:


Eyafjallajokull Erupts

Eyafjallajokull Erupting (Copyright Gunnar Blondal)


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