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Things I Want to Do. Now.

Thursday, November 11, 2010 10:29 pm Leave a comment Go to comments
  1. Scan all the family photos I’ve got from 1900 to now.  Takes about 10 minutes per photo.
  2. Scan all my own photos of my life, friends, and lovers from the age of 15 to now.
  3. Read my wired magazines
  4. Read the articles I’ve printed
  5. Hot Yoga
  6. See Tim Burton Exhibition
  7. Analyse why I liked Scott Pilgrim Against the World so much.
  8. Get My Hair Cut
  9. Put together the movie of our last trip for someone’s viewing pleasure.
  10. Read the National Geographic issue October 2010
  11. Clean up the basement
  12. Sand and shine some rocks with my dremelling kit
  13. Watch Fight Club
  14. Create a DVD of documentaries for my father
  15. Paint the bathroom
  16. Watch Fringe Season 2
  17. Finances
  18. Get a new stopper for the bathroom sink
  19. Read the mountain of books by my bed
  20. Solve the next Sudoku in my One Sudoku a Day calendar.  Current puzzle:  Feb 28,  2007.
  21. Convert all my VHS tapes to avi
  22. Take Tai Chi
  23. Read Life of Pi
  24. Finish Atlas Shrugged
  25. Read The Lost Symbol
  26. Find old copies of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine
  27. Read The Girl Who Played with Fire. And then. Immediately after – The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.
  28. Start my Christmas shopping.
  29. Do the Mona Lisa puzzle with Special K.  Spread out on the dining room table. Before our dinner party.
  30. Loose weight.  (Are you calling me fat?!)
  31. Take it up a notch.
  32. Take it down a notch.
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