Rebel Matters 241 – The Future of AI is Fake Joe Rogan interviewing Fake Madge Weinstein

Joe Rogan and Madge Weinstein Discussing Conspiracy Theories

Ninja defends Buck Angel and Madge defends Dave Chapelle . Madge doesn’t see the point of fanning the flames of the culture wars.  Ninja frets about her powerlessness over the existential threats facing humanity. Those threats include AI, climate change, and nuclear destruction. Madge imagines in a thought experiment that she could be the only conscious being in the universe.   We discuss the ethics of using AI to create a show where Joe Rogan interviews Madge.  Madge likes that idea and asserts that we could use AI to subvert the messages of Donald Trump.  Check out the Madge’s version of this show at YR1609.

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AI Generated Robot Pic With Human Features

Listen right here:  RebelMatters241 170mb 1:34:35

Other things discussedDonald D. Hoffman – Is Reality an Illusion?   Is Lex Fridman Just Another Celebrity Kiss-Ass?, Archive Org, digital hoarding, child labour 

Movies mentioned:  The Whale, Once Upon a Time in the West – Spaghetti Western from the 1960s

TV shows or characters mentioned:  Ted Lasso, baby YodaThe Mandalorian filmed on a round stage using game tech, Uncle Fester, Abbot Elementary

Books discussed: Greta Thunberg’s New Climate Book, Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, Moby Dick – An American Classic

Other Important, – bespoke soundscapes, meditation, and tinnitus relief, – Direct and Network Attached Storage solutions (DAS and NAS), Lily Pons


Rebel Matters 236 – Série Pandémique – Respect the Fungus Featuring Madge Weinstein

Today I have another conversation with Madge Weinstein of Yeast Radio.   The conversation will be cross-posted there.   And will be slightly different so listen there too. 

Birds Nest Fungi in Our Rock Garden at Summer’s End

Things don’t start well for me.  I have numerous technical problems despite the fact that I tested my setup before the show was to begin.  The problems started when I noticed that the battery was drained on the crappy computer I was going to use. Actually the computer isn’t that crappy.   But the power cable is flaky.  The laptop rebooted when I reconnected the power, delaying me further.  I had to swap laptops and cables, and reset all my inputs, outputs and levels.   But that’s amateur podcasting for you.   Raw and real.  You know like Prince coughing in his Raspberry Beret video or Lucy misting up when Desi kisses her on air.  Even so, you might thank god for the fast forward button.  There are a few other minor glitches you’ll hear, but we soldier on.    

Also.   Trigger warning.  Our sometimes stream of consciousness conversation is guaranteed to offend everyone in some way.   We mispronounce some names and we swear.    I also get the bomb that is dropped on England, in the movie Threads wrong.   The bomb goes off 20 miles from Sheffield, not in the South China Sea.  The South China Sea one goes off in the TV series Years and Years

Madge asks me to explain Andrew Gallimore’s concept of the Hypergrid  which I fail at miserably.  I think I need to have Gallimore on the show so he can explain it himself.    Also we wonder how the plural of fungus is pronounced.   I love the English language.  Do you know it has the largest vocabulary of any language in the world.    Why?  I think because English speakers have absolutely no shame when it comes to just making up words as they go along. It’s a long tradition   You know like quark and smog and snog and laser and google and irregardless.  (Sorry about that last one. Speakers of a certain age will not accept irregardless as a word and will view you with much disdain if you use it around them). English speakers proudly steal from every other language, (French and German are favourites), and such words are promptly incorporated it into the lexicon.  Other words can crop up without warning ,and suddenly, crowdfunding,  deplatforming and whataboutism are things.   Don’t even get me started on English spelling.  

Madge and I cover a lot of ground.   Listen to the show right here:

Other Subjects Discussed: 

  • Bitcoin and replacing the banking system
  • Cluster Headaches
  • Fungus and Mold
  • Mushrooms:  the fruit of the Fungus and Mycelium
  • Vatican Pedophiles
  • The stoned ape hypothesis
  • Female Values – Sharing and Empathy
  • The use of religion  
  • Deep tech talk about ground loops

Famous old people mentioned:

  • Mary Steenburgen
  • Robert Duvall
  • Wagner

TV shows mentioned:

Films mentioned:

Books Mentioned:

Rebel Matters 232 – Série Pandémique – Living in the Upside Down

Marvin the Robot saying,"I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed."
Marvin the Robot

In this episode I talk with long-time friend and pod-colleague Madge Weinstein, of Yeast Radio, who happens to be my cousin about 30 times removed.   After all,  we are both descended from the same 350 people that may have originated from the middle east and settled in eastern Europe around the fourteenth century.   

Hotfrm 232  (64mb 1h09m27s)   Listen here:

Topics discussed: 

Keeping roses in cold water.   Trump.  Biden.  Pence.  Harris.   Authoritarianism.  Ancestry.   Eudaimonia.  The end of democracy.  Lack of critical thinking skills.   Yuval Noah Harari.  Global Warming.  Marvin the Depressed Android23 and Me.  Being kicked out of the middle east because we ate with our mouths open.   Shtetls.   Audio tech. Genderqueerness.   Stonewall.   The fly on Pence’s head.   Political theatrics.   The narrative is what it is.   Nonbinary should extend beyond gender.  Don’t stay in your ideological bubble.  Health Care Terrorism.   Canadian Health Care that we pay for with our taxes which I completely omitted to say – so sorry to mislead. ObamaCare.   Money talks.  Activism. Direct action.   The end of democracy.   The Green New Deal.    Did I say, the end of democracy?

Other Related links and cultural references: 

America is Dying

Free to be You and Me

Madge is soaking in it


Orange Pill Podcast

Joan Rivers

Stranger Things

Ninja Cyborg that has my mind downloaded into it.
Ninja’s Mind Dowloaded Into A Cyborg

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 213 – Ed Champion’s Got Ninja Listening

Bat Segundo Flies No More

Ed Champion is the creator and producer and correspondent for the Bat Segundo Show, a cultural and literary podcast that in no way intentionally tries to imitate the conventional interview format.   He has been podcasting for over 6 years and has produced an impressive 500 shows.  On the occasion of editing his last show I interrupt his work to interview him about this prolific podcasting run.  Over Skype, he tells me, among other things, that in post-production he will sometimes edit his questions which can go on in what he calls a rambling fashion.   He does this because the listeners are there to hear who he is interviewing,  not him.   But in my show today,  Ed gets the entire floor to himself.  He’s on the other side this go around.

Listen up:

Or right-click to Download : HotFRM 213 (64mb 1:07.47)

Names, places, end-links,  and other podcasts mentioned:

Occupy Sandy,   Rockaways,    Hurricane Sandy,    Powerhouse ArenaDavid Mitchell, Cloud Atlas,   Jynne Martin (Random House),     T.C. Boyle,   Brett Easton Ellis (American Psycho)Marisha Pessl, Andrea Peyser New York PostStuds TerkelPeter Davidson – Doctor WhoMarc Maron : WTF,   A.M.Holmes (The End of Alice)John UpdikeThe Nerdists, This American LifeMichael Sliverblatt :The Bookworm,  Robert Bierenbaum,   Tim Poole – TimcastJoe WisenthalCooks Source Scandal  Jonah LehrerQ.R. Markham,  David Rakoff.

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 188 – Coffee with Tyffanie

Beer Chicken

On a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon in November, Ninja calls Tyffanie Morgan (of Breakfast With Tyffanie). She hails from Kingston, Canada, has been a host of the Kingston’s Gender Bender community radio show, and speaks from time to time on social media.

While Ninja sips her delicious coffee, they discuss the subtleties of cooking beer can chicken on the grill, gardening, yard vermin, gender bending, musicals, queer politics, have the requisite meta-talk about podcasting, social media and Podcasters across Borders. There may or may not spoilers in this show about Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. She didn’t specify which kind of beer she used for her chicken. Broadway Shows mentioned: Hair, Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Classic Canadian Plays mentioned: Hosanna. Canadian small towns mentioned: Picton. Iconic Gay Music mentioned: Madonna, ABBA, Disco Podcamps mentioned: Podcasters Across Borders, Podcamp Toronto

Other Links

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Hosanna by Michel Tremblay

Tyffanie's Podcast (when she posts)

Listen to the show at:

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 170 – Charlie Is Never Boring

Platter de Fromage

Off to the Fromagerie for all types and ages of cheeses.  It’s our quarterly trip to the St. Lawrence Market.   Charlie is late, but when she does catch up to us, she brings along the specs for several laptops.  We invite her over to our place only to discover she’s going to bring her laundry with.   We discuss the number of expletives in the film In Bruges and Charlie informs us that Belgium is the Newfoundland of Europe.  Who knew?  Onions, Hot Cross Buns and how much weight Ninja and Special K are putting on.  Toothpicks and tear saving kitchen gadgets like onion goggles. Wind up bunnies and high bouncing balls that do not bounce. Ninja startles small children again and Charlie buys more potatoes.  Finally, Ninja is duly impressed by the Mulholland Drive California mandarin oranges.


What Can Twitter Teach Me?


Traditional media has discovered Twitter.   So what?   As Jay Moonah tells us in his recent podcast, and here I am paraphrasing him according to my own interpretation, Twitter takes committment.   I don’t care if you are Oprah or Ashton or Ellen.  Are you willing to engage or just exploit the tool for what you think is short term gain?   And then once you’ve stepped on the track and discovered that it’s a long distance run, do you have the time or energy to make it worth the while for yourself and the twitter communities you are now part of?  I didn’t think so.  Because, if you agree with Jay, you have to be an electronic media junkie.  You have to spend the time learning how to speak in 140 character chunks and still have meaningful discourse.  You have to be willing to explore the new community and determine what value it has for you and others.   You have to know what you want to accomplish, like Yoko Ono seems to.   There is a lot of give and take in Twitter conversations.   And a certain  lightness of being. Depending on how many tweeters you follow, and how often you look at your tweets, you could have an overwhelming number of separate conversations and tweets to take in.  This can be a daunting proposition to some.

The first time I received more than 200 tweets between tweet sessions, I panicked.  How was I ever going to keep up?  If I didn’t find a solution fast,  I knew that I would become a twitter casuality in no time.  There is no way I can devote the same time to twitter discourse as I do to other things in my life.   I panicked publicly with a tweet to that effect.  To which kaymatthews responded with:

Katherine Matthewskaymatthews @ninja_hotfrm

Twitter is ephemeral. Just be in the moment (oo….twitterzen….)

Most excellent advice.  If I want to get the most from Twitter then I had better not treat it so seriously and really that is what Twitter became for me.  A fun way to engage in repartee, gay and otherwise.  I get to react to whatever I want at whatever point I enter the discussion.   Or I can ignore every tweet and push information that I think my twitter community might be interested in.  Or hell.  Just push out something that interests only me.

I’ll tell you something else I have noticed.   I have observed from my year and a half of being involved in Twitter that it is impossible to sustain a flame war.   Although it may seem easier to say sarcastic and mean things in 140 characters it is even harder to keep it up.  Perhaps that is because it takes a lot of energy to stay angry.  Angry people usually need a lot of space to build and maintain their justification for being angry.  And furthermore if you persist, I have the power to unfollow and block you.

Because I know I am dropping into something already and always in progress it is vitally important that if my comments lack social import, then at least let me be saying something to improve or brighten both of our days.  Of course this is only one tweeter’s story.  Some tweeters have a daily routine.  They greet us all every morning with a hale and hardy “top of the morning to you”, followed by the ingredients of their muesli.  Then many hours later they let us know they are turning in with a “night twittersphere”.  As a ninja, I prefer to drop in unannounced and leave just as quietly and unobstrusively having left my mark.   Everyone has their own particular style. I often have to remember that some people and organizations are actually using it to communicate their cause or product to what they hope is a wide audience that can in turn influence others.

Given all these factors, what can Twitter teach me?   I think it has taught me that, unlike e-mail, there is an implicit agreement that reading tone, especially a negative one, into a tweet, is a recipe for conversational disaster.  An open mind is a must for tweeting.  If we don’t understand each other that’s ok.  Move on.  It’s a tweet, not a relationship.  And that open mind also means I will expose myself, if I am lucky, to someone else’s experience that is different from mine.  And perhaps a way of looking at something I did not consider before.   I don’t have to be committed to meaningful discourse.  I can just have fun.  You know, for the long haul.

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 150 – The Next Hot Social Networking Tool

Born in October 2007, released in alpha to the public only this summer, Seesmic is another social networking tool. It is unlike YouTube or podcasting in the sense that it interactive and considered by the creators and participants to be more intimate than any of twitter, facebook, or chat. With Seesmic, you can visually converse with your cyberfriends and colleagues. How is it different or the same from Webcam conversations or another new videoconferencing tool, OovOO? Well we’ll have to see what it has to offer in the coming months. In the meantime, I spent about forty-five minutes with Tiil, an artist and Seesmic zealot during Podcamp Boston in July to get his enthusiastic testimonial about Seesmic.

Wiki page for Seesmic:

Tiil’s website :

Tiil’s hair cut :

Seesmic blog :

Seemic owner’s blog :


Famous Hollywood celebrities mentioned: Steven Speilberg, Harrison Ford. Famous New Media celebrities mentioned : Chris Brogan, Freida the retired art teacher who was involved in new media in the 80s. Other video messaging tools mentioned : OovOO. Famous Investors mentioned: Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis (who sold Skype to Ebay).

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 138 – Roman Catholicism : Judaism 2.0

Today Ninja gives you part two of the Geek Gathering. We folks know how to live in the moment. Katherine talks about the tedium of editing. Scarborough Dude takes photos of us, continues to swear and Ninja is pretty sure she hears him talking about wife swapping at one point. Talk turns to the meaning of religion and its sense of community celebration and sharing. It occurs to the group that perhaps the flood described in biblical times may actually have happened. We conclude that all religions are basically the same. But first there’s a comment about the last show from Kentie of the flatus and his co-host that venerable old man Jose, and a couple of notes from Rob commenting on and correcting some of my assertions. Thanks Rob and Ken.


Zeitgeist the Movie

The Vatican

The Daily Breakfast

Cardinal Ambrozic

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Search Engine


Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 137 – Portable Oddeo Device Geek Gathering

Nerd Girl by Steve Hilbert

Joan comes to a podcaster’s meetup and starts asking questions that everyone wants to answer yet digresses from. Revealed: What is it about podcasting that makes us want to spend hours and hours editing? Podcasting is about passion. We discuss the intimacy of podcasting, lattes, beer, and subjectivity. Sean admits he can listen to a knitting podcast and be thoroughly engaged. And challenges us to listen to his podcast about songwriting at Ductape Guy.

We learn that podcasters are communists, anarchists, members of knitting cults, hobbyists, navel gazers, former hippies, and most important of all: communitists – a new word coined by Joan. (Later that evening Katherine comes up with the verb form: communitize). Scarborough Dude swears a lot and then Joan swears back. So listen to this MetaCast with Sean, Katherine, Ken, Daniel, Rob, John, Valerie and others.

Other Links: Green Planet Monitor, Wayne McPhail, Rabble Radio, Librivox, Voiceprint

Web Nerd TV

Holy Net Neutrality Debate Batman

Traffic shaping? What? I guess that’s what’s been happening to my P2P activity in recent weeks.

Network Throttling

Bell Canada holds back bandwidth

Oh No They Couldn’t Have

Here’s someone who says, “What the hell are doing anyway with P2P? It’s bad netiquette. Don’t you know that?”

I am a strong believer in net neutrality. Google explains it like this: “Network neutrality is the principle that Internet users should be in control of what content they view and what applications they use on the Internet. The Internet has operated according to this neutrality principle since its earliest days. Indeed, it is this neutrality that has allowed many companies, including Google, to launch, grow, and innovate. Fundamentally, net neutrality is about equal access to the Internet. In our view, the broadband carriers should not be permitted to use their market power to discriminate against competing applications or content. Just as telephone companies are not permitted to tell consumers who they can call or what they can say, broadband carriers should not be allowed to use their market power to control activity online. Today, the neutrality of the Internet is at stake as the broadband carriers want Congress’s permission to determine what content gets to you first and fastest. Put simply, this would fundamentally alter the openness of the Internet.”

If you really want your eyes to glaze over look at the Wikipedia entry on it. But as a netizen, you must educate yourself.