Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 181 – Geocaching is For Fun and Meeting People at Parties

Charlie Geocaching

What we talk about one Saturday morning at the market:

Ninja can’t get a signal on her cell phone.  Special K’s birthday present  is a  jigsaw puzzle.
Canada’s Health Care System and our health cards.

The One on The Right is the Best One

Spring time at the St. Lawrence Market.
Ipad’s opening day.
Flowers on Ninja’s mother’s grave
Charlie describes geocaching.
The 3D Nintendo.
Charlie finishes all the levels of Zelda.
Movies:  Alice in Wonderland – don’t go. The Ghost Writer – go. Avatar – what was it about anyway. The Hurt Locker
Famous people discussed : Kim Cattrall, Ewen McGregor, Pierce Brosnan
Why 3D sucks.
Having a movie day at Charlie’s
Geocaching is for fun and for meeting people at parties
Charlie gets away with a warning

Get Me a Signal Please

Listen to the show :