Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 168 – San Diego Equality Campaign

Prop Hate

On May 4th Ninja interviewed Sara Beth Brooks the Executive Director and founder of San Diego Equality Campaign , an organization fighting to legalize same sex marriage and civil rights for LGBT people.  Sara talks about California’s Proposition 8, Camp Courage, and Join the Impact.   You can follow her on Twitter at:

Other Links: San Diego Equality Campaign on Twitter, Day of Decision, Gathering StormPROP8 – The Musical,


Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 148 – Portland Pride, Politics and Perfume

Faneuil Hall Boston

Kentie unplugged in Boston.   On the eve of Podcamp Boston, Kentie, Ninja and Special K have dinner and talk about almost everything.

Famous Restaurants Mentioned: Cheers. Famous Bookstores Mentioned: Powells. Politicians mentioned: Howard Dean, Mitt Romney, Hilary, Barak, Al Gore, John Kerry, George Bush. Issues mentioned: Gun Control, Gay Marriage, Universal Health Care, The disadvantages of home schooling, Freedom. Recreational Activities Mentioned: Opera.  Hysterical Non-fiction: American Facists by Chris Hedges.

Songs Played : Family Guy * The Spirit of Massachussetts (Courtesy Episode 126 Mondo Diablo)

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