Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 188 – Coffee with Tyffanie

Beer Chicken

On a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon in November, Ninja calls Tyffanie Morgan (of Breakfast With Tyffanie). She hails from Kingston, Canada, has been a host of the Kingston’s Gender Bender community radio show, and speaks from time to time on social media.

While Ninja sips her delicious coffee, they discuss the subtleties of cooking beer can chicken on the grill, gardening, yard vermin, gender bending, musicals, queer politics, have the requisite meta-talk about podcasting, social media and Podcasters across Borders. There may or may not spoilers in this show about Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. She didn’t specify which kind of beer she used for her chicken. Broadway Shows mentioned: Hair, Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Classic Canadian Plays mentioned: Hosanna. Canadian small towns mentioned: Picton. Iconic Gay Music mentioned: Madonna, ABBA, Disco Podcamps mentioned: Podcasters Across Borders, Podcamp Toronto

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Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Hosanna by Michel Tremblay

Tyffanie's Podcast (when she posts)

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Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 172 – Dead Sea Scrolls and “Saving Souls (One Lapdance at a Time)”


Phot Used by Permission of Orly Yadin for the Yadin Estate

Last week Special K and I went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum.   We roamed among the historical artifacts that support the scroll exhibit and we were thoroughly awed by not only the scrolls themselves but the events themselves by which these items have finally made their way to public display.


In keeping with the semi-biblical theme, a few weeks ago I saw the most charming, delightful and poignant one woman show called The Burning Bush.  In this part musical, part ode to Madonna, and part dance, the main character Barbara Baumawitz embarks on a journey to teach Kabbalah to strippers.  In the process she makes friends, makes amends for past sins, and finds her true path in life.

Tracey Erin Smith is Toronto’s own, an actor and a playwright.  She teaches the art of solo shows and works with seniors and people with cancer focusing on comedy and personal story telling.

Regardless of what I may have expected from this play, some titillating strip tease or other erotic acts, I was surprised by the journey that Tracey Erin Smith took me on.  She takes us from silly geeky awkwardness to learning how to make her dreams come true. And how to bring joy to other people. This is how she makes the audience feel by the end of the show: Joyful

In a short talkback session after the performance, Ms Smith and the director Anita La Selva answer questions from the audience and talk a little about the artistic process of this one woman show.

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