Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 162 – He Whom the Gods Wish to Destroy

Aretha's Hat at Obama Inauguration

Aretha's Hat at Obama Inauguration

Special K decides to take in the Obama Inauguration at Toronto’s own Bloor Street Cinema. Special K shares what she thinks are the high points and the low points of this historic event.   Things mentioned that white people like: Fair Trade Coffee. Special K’s Favourite Morning Show: Breakfast Televsion.  Homophobes Mentioned: Rick Warren.  Poets Ninja Likes : Elizabeth Alexander and her inaugural poem.  Rhyming Ministers Mentioned: Joseph Lowery.  Societal Limitations Mentioned: The Glass Ceiling.  Who will be the minority in 2030 in the UK: White people.

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Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 157 – Autumn GeekFest

On October 18, Toronto hosted another podcaster’s meetup.  Things got pretty meta with Omar Ha-Redeye (Law is Cool), Connie Crosby (Community Divas) and Shadow and James. Ninja is surrounded by lawyer types.  We talk about Omar’s voice, podcasting, podcamps, twitter and finally politics.