Things I Think Are Weird Today

Empty Bentley Waiting for Mother and Daughter Toronto Davenport Avenue

It’s September 6 and

1. My four o’clocks have germinated again.

2. Some of the trees in the neighbourhood have re-blossomed.

3. The first morning of school was warmer than the first morning of school usually is.

4. A mother and daughter  pair with matching bleach blond perms, were on their way to a TIFF gala in a Bentley convertible.  There were blokes in caps riding in Benz’s.  (We were in a fancy traffic jam).


Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 134 – Till The Cows Come Home


A herd of cows (well actually only four) are freed on a busy highway during the Toronto morning rush hour. Witnesses saw them in their backyards, munching on what little exposed vegetation could be found. Three were rounded up, but a forth was unfortunately shot when it displayed aggressive behaviour. Special K wonders why it couldn’t just be tranqualized instead. Special K and Ninja wonder whether it would do any good to boycott the 2008 Olympic games. The human rights issues associated with Chinese internal politics haven’t changed merely because Bejing is hosting the games. They feel that a boycott may only punish the athletes and serve no other purpose. Last year 2.2 million people turned off their lights for one hour in Australia. If they had sustained that level of energy savings for a year it would be equivalent to taking thousands of cars of the roads for that year.

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