My partner and I do a queer lifestyle podcast delivering observations, commentary, reviews, performance pieces and interviews.  It has a decidedly cultural bent.   Sometimes serious. Sometimes not. We like to travel and talk about it. We like to follow the celebrities and talk about it. We like to follow the queer community and talk about that too. And Ninja spends a lot of time ducking security guards in art galleries and museums. It used to be the iRiver recorder that caused the commotion.  But now it’s the Zoom.


iRiver - Not Just an MP3 Player

Vintage iRiver – Nothing can replace this baby.

Ninja loves to edit sound…


Audacity Audio Editor - Screen Shot

Here are some ways to find me and through me, always Special K:

http://rebelnotion.wordpress.com/ – (sound art channel)
twitter: ninja_radio (Ninja)
facebook: Ninjar DeHotfrm
skype : hotfrm (Ninja)

Ninja pic created by Daniele Rossi (http://www.danielerossi.ca/)


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